WebSurge-Allow.txt and Robots.txt to run Load Tests

In order to run a load test any non-localhost server you are accessing is required to have an empty websurge-allow.txt or a robots.txt file with Allow: WebSurge inside of it in the root of the Web site being tested.

This is to avoid using this tool for generating denial of service attacks on non-owned Web properties.

Either one of the following will allow WebSurge to hit your site under load:

  • websurge-allow.txt Setup
    You can place a websurge-allow.txt file in the root folder of your Web site. The file just has to exist and doesn't have to have any content in it (although it can).

  • robots.txt Setup
    If you already have a robots.txt file you can use that file and add the following line into the file:

    Allow: WebSurge

    WebSurge looks for the robots.txt file in the root of the Website and looks for the above directive and if found enables access under load.

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