Importing Requests from OpenAPI/Swagger

WebSurge allows you to import OpenAPI or Swagger REST Service definitions to make it quick and easy to set up new requests.

You can import from:

  • A OpenAPI/Swagger endpoint URL
  • A OpenAPI/Swagger Schema file on disk
  • An OpenAPI/Swagger Schema from the Clipboard

Here's what an import looks like:

WebSurge OpenApi/Swagger Imports

The import process is self-explanatory.

What's imported

An OpenAPI/Swayyer import picks up the following information for requests:

  • The Request Url
  • The HTTP Verb
  • The Http Content for POST and PUT requests
  • A Title if available

POST/PUT content is picked up by parsing the schema for mapped types to provide generated sample data. The rules for this are as follows:

  • Url Parameters are provided as {parameter}
  • JSON Objects are created as objects with default type data
  • XML Objects are created as object with default type data
  • UrlEncoded content is created as key value pairs

WebSurge's import does not import Http Headers, but will create Content Type headers for the relevant POST/PUT content.

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