We want to hear from you, and you can contact us for support, license questions, technical questions and discussions about WebSurge.

Technical Support

For technical support, bugs, feature requests or general usage discussion, there are a couple of avenues available to you:

  • Bugs and Feature Requests (GitHub Issues)
    The WebSurge Github repository can be used to report bugs, feature requests and any focused usability questions. Github Issues provide our official bug tracking mechanism, so you can also see what issues are open and what we're working on.

  • General Questions (Message Board)
    For more general questions on operation, or open ended discussion of features, licensing or related user discussions, the support forum provides a more open ended discussion format. It's best suited to brainstorming ideas, asking about new features for feasibility or desirability, or longer discussions or indirectly related issues to WebSurge's core feature set or usage.

Find your License

If you need to find an existing license, for use with a new machine or a lost registration for an exiting machine, you can look up existing licenses in your West Wind Store Account:

Scroll to the bottom and find the WebSurge invoice, then drill in to see license information in the line item detail.


WebSurge licenses are machine registered which means a license needs to be applied on each machine that WebSurge runs on.

If you need to find your license/registration key for West Wind WebSurge, it can be found in one of the following:

  • Your original Confirmation Email
    Your original Email confirmation is sent from and typically includes the product name in this format (depending on version):

    West Wind WebSurge 2.x (Order Confirmation)

  • Your Order History at
    If you placed an order in our Web store you can log into your account using your email address to retrieve your order history, along with license keys.

    West Wind Web Store Account Profile

    Go to your account, scroll to the Order History at the bottom and pick the invoice that includes your WebSurge purchase. You can find the license information in the line item detail of the invoice.

  • Still can't find it?
    If you still can't find your license key you can contact us at and provide us with order information which can include email address, order number, name or company name.
    Note: We'll only confirm emails back to the original email address or same company addresses.

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