Running Authenticated Requests with Username and Password

Some Web sites require authentication of using Basic, Windows or Digest authentication using a username and password. WebSurge allows you to specify Username and Password at the Session level.

To set up authentication a few things have to be in place.

In the Session Configuration

  • Set Username and Password
  • Set the Username Password Type (Basic, Negotiate, NTLM, Digest, Kerberos)
  • Make sure you have a Site Base Url Configuration Setting set

The last point is important: You have to have a Base Site Url in place, so that Authentication can be applied against this site. Credentials (and cookies, and a few other things) are tied to each Session specific Http Session and need to match the Urls your accessing. Ideally you use a Site Base Url for the site and relative Urls for the individual requests.

If you change any of the Authentication related settings make sure you Reload Interactive Http Session using the icon on the toolbar to apply those settings in order for interactive sessions to show the change. This forces the current Http Session to be reloaded, without which the new settings are not applied.

Load tests automatically reload these settings for each thread at the beginning of each test run.

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