Saved Request Editor: Keep Requests Open for Review and Comparison

Once you've run a request you might want to keep the request open and visible, so you can compare it to another request or copy data from the request to another.

By default the original results are lost once you run a new request or navigate to a new request.

However, you can use the Saved Request Editor to keep request content open and accessible in a separate window that stays open:

The Saved Request Editor can be activated by using the icon in the upper right corner of a request, which captures the active request content (either executed or un-executed) and opens it in a new top level window that stays open until you close it. The content in this Saved Request Window is static and doesn't change, so you can reference it for comparison or later review.

This is quite useful if you need to:

  • Compare request output of multiple requests
  • Need copy data from one request to another
  • Create new requests that are similar

Saved Request Windows stick around until you close them, or you quit the application.

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