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You can download the free version of West Wind WebSurge. Capture and test individual URLs or create sessions for full on load testing. The free version lets you get started easily and quickly. Get testing!

West Wind Web Surge  

August 19th, 2017
File size:
2.3 mb
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West Wind WebSurge is free for personal use, for use on open source projects and for checking out features. This download provides a fully functional, non-limited version that includes all features. For commercial or institutional use, please purchase one of our reasonably priced licenses. Thanks for playing fair.

You can also install directly from Chocolatey's package store:

c:\> choco install WestwindWebSurge

System Requirements
Microsoft Windows Vista or 2008 and newer
32 or 64 bit
Microsoft .NET 4.5 Runtime (check)
Download the zip file
Run the contained WebSurgeSetup.exe
Follow the installation instructions

Licensing and Pricing of West Wind WebSurge

West Wind WebSurge is open source with source code available on GitHub, but it is a licensed product. A free version is available that can be used without explicit registration or usage limits for personal use and checking out of WebSurge's features.

For use in a commercial or institutional environment, please purchase a Professional or Organizational license. Each licensed user requires a separate license, but a single user may use multiple copies of West Wind WebSurge on multiple machines, given that only one copy at a time is in use. An organizational license is available to allow any number of users running unlimited numbers of West Wind WebSurge within a single organization. Any purchased license is valid for the duration of the major release that it was purchased for (ie. 1.00-1.99).

To allow you to check out WebSurge completely, we provide a fully functional, unlimited version of West Wind WebSurge for download, so we rely on the honor system from users for supporting this product.

Thanks for playing fair!

Product Price
WebSurge Free
(for personal use or checking out WebSurge features)
Buy WebSurge Professional
(required for commercial use, suggested for continued personal use)
Buy WebSurge Organizational License
(unlimited users for a single organization)

Product purchases can be made through our secure online store. For more information on other order arrangements please visit our order policies page.

Contribute - Get a Free License

Contributors that provide valuable feedback with quality bug reports or enhancement requests, or help out with code via Pull Requests, or support WebSurge in a significant way are all eligible for a free license.

Microsoft employees and Microsoft MVPs as well as employees of any company offering free tools to the Micorosoft MVP or Insiders programs also qualify for a free license.

Contact Rick for more info or - just as likely - I'll be contacting you.

Feature Matrix

Not sure which version to get? Here's a feature matrix that can help you decide.

Feature Free Professional Org
Max number of URLs in session unlimited unlimited unlimited
Max number of simultaneous sessions unlimited unlimited unlimited
Built-in HTTP Capture Tool
Capture any Windows HTTP traffic from Web Browsers or Apps
Filter captures by domain, process or user defined exclusions
Support for advanced HTTP features and SSL
Support for Telerik's Fiddler Exports
Export results to JSON, XML, HTML and raw HTTP Headers
Test locally within your Firewall or VPN
Multiple Users within an Organization