Http Rest Client and Load Testing for Windows

Use WebSurge to create, import or capture Http requests and play them back for individual Http Request testing, or for full-on load testing with a battery of simultaneous requests against your session of requests.

WebSurge is quick to create and edit requests, and displays results in an easy to read, syntax colored request display that shows results in a single, easy to understand view. It provides many features of Postman with a cleaner interface and much faster workflow.

You can also create easily shared sessions of requests and play them back under heavy load for stress testing your Web sites simulating many simultaneous users. Stress testing was never this easy.

Session files are stored in plain text, so you can easily share them in source control or simply copy the files or content. Online Session sharing is also available as of version 3.0.

Our goal with WebSurge is to make the Http request testing and setup quick and natural, without complex configuration and too much clicking around, so you get your job done faster.


Rest Client Http Testing

Create, capture & run Http requests
Test and run individual requests
Token capture and session variables
Test HTML, REST and SOAP services
Easy to read request results view
Many UI optional support features
Share sessions in your Git repos
Slicker & quicker alternative to Postman

Load Testing

Run any session as a load test
Easy to read test run results
Test local or remote sites
Unique User support
Export results to Json, Xml, Html
Command line test runner
Run tests on local infrastructure/VPN
Extensible via .NET Addins

Capture and Import Requests

Manually create and edit sessions
Built-in Http request capture tool
Import from OpenAPI or Swagger
Import sessions from Postman,
      Fiddler and Visual Studio
Plain text, sharable session files
Get it

You can check out WebSurge for free by downloading the fully functional, non-limited evalution version.

v3.0.0.28   what's new
July 7, 2024

You can also install West Wind WebSurge using the Chocolatey Package Manager:

c:\> choco install WestwindWebSurge

West Wind WebSurge is licensed software and continued use requires a purchased license.


Microsoft Windows 10-7 or 2019-2012
WebView2 Runtime (installed w/ setup)
.NET 7.0 Desktop Runtime (installed w/ setup)