Rest Client and Load Testing for Windows

Use WebSurge to create, import or capture and then play back Http requests either for individual Http Request testing, or for full on load testing of a session of requests.

Run and debug individual Http requests for single API or Web Page testing using WebSurge a highly interactive and fast Rest Client, similar to but much more interactive version of Postman. Or, use it for Http Load Tests that can play back a session of requests under heavy load with many simultaneous requests and users.

WebSurge makes it drop dead simple to create sessions of requests and run them with ease, so you can test quickly, often and see easy to understand results for immediate feedback.


Rest Client Http Testing

Create, capture & run Http requests
Test and run individual requests
Test HTML, REST and SOAP services
Easily run sessions as load tests
Alternative to Postman

Load Testing

Run any sessions as a load test
Easy to read summarized results
Test local or remote sites
Export results to Xml,Json,Html
Command line test runner
Run tests on local infrastructure/VPN

Capture and Import Requests

Manually create and edit sessions
Built-in Http request capture tool
Import from OpenAPI or Swagger
Import sessions from Postman & Fiddler
Plain text, sharable session files
Get it

To install WebSurge, you can download our installer from our Web site. Unzip the distribution file and run the installer.

Alternately you can also install West Wind WebSurge using the Chocolatey NuGet installer:

c:\> choco install WestwindWebSurge

West Wind WebSurge is licensed software and continued use requires a purchased license.


Microsoft Windows 10-7 or 2019-2012
WebView2 Runtime (installed w/ full setup)
.NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime (checked on startup)